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New website, open to all.....

Initial Launch Of The New Website

Although a few people may have noticed that the new website has actually been "live" for the past few days, it hadn't been announced as we needed to let the search engines and internet in general do their thing (too much technical stuff for me...)

Today, we are pleased to announce the site is open and invite everyone to take a look around and if possible, give us your feedback.

There are still some issues to be resolved, so please bare with us as we deal with these over the next few weeks.

The main issues we have at the moment are:

  • The search function still needs some working on, so may throw up some strange results initially
  • There are a few links that may not be working yet. If you find one, let us know
  • Some of the galleries are not complete as yet. These are ongoing as there's still a huge amount to be added to the Marine Life Identification area
  • Although the gallery is totally viewable already (just click on a header or photograph to go in to that section), we're still playing around with the best way to make it more "user friendly". We will be working on that aspect until we're happy with it, but if anyone has any useful suggestions, we'd love to hear them
  • You will no doubt notice some variations in page style. That's because i keep changing my mind on how i want it to look!!
  • The booking system is in place, but will be operational very soon
  • Look out for obvious spelling and grammatical errors (those will be my fault...)

We hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to keeping everyone up to date on events and news from The Dive Inn.