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Another great day at Sail Rock...

Another great day at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan, diving with long-time friend, Elliot Newberry (who graciously offered to pay to take me on the boat...).

Visibility wasn't fantastic (around 10m or so) but as usual, Sail Rock was teeming with marine life.

My personal favourite was a little Regal Damselfish (Neopomacentrus Cyanomos) which i photographed for over 30 minutes whilst it guarded its eggs inside a redundant oyster shell.

Regal Damselfish (Neopomacentrus Cyanomos)Regal Damselfish (Neopomacentrus Cyanomos):

These can often be found darting in and out of disused oyster shell, which they use for protection and also as a safe place to lay their eggs, as the individual in this photograph was doing at the time (the eggs are the tiny brownish dots inside the shell)