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A new start for

As anyone that has come to the site before may have noticed by now, we have just had our website rebuilt, re-vamped and re-invigorated. We have now switched the website management over to the fantastic Drupal CMS which will allow us to expand and grow the website and its content.

Doing it the Drupal way!

Our website now features a whole host of new and exciting features for ourselves and our website visitors. The introduction of the Drupal framework allows us to add new items to the website and edit existing ones, something that was sorely lacking from our previous website incarnation.

The crowning glory of the new website is the extensively organised Marine Life ID gallery which allows us to tag up our massive collection of marine life photographs all from our local waters around Koh Phangan.

Let's get social!

We have also made an assault on the world of social networking with the integration of our Facebook, Twitter and Flickr content now readily available and echoed here on our website.

We still have a number of outstanding features that we really want to add into our new website but we just couldn't wait until it was ready to launch so we will be slowly adding new and exciting features over the next few days.

Please feel free to leave comments against any of our photos in the gallery or send us a message either using the Guestbook or through the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you again soon :)