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Another Whale Shark day at Sail Rock!

After no Whale Shark sightings for a month or two, Sail Rock has now been visited by the World's largest fish for two days in a row!!

Today (23rd June 2012) saw a small juvenile female, measuring around 2 - 2.5m, interacting with divers for the duration of both dives.

Fortunately, Divemaster James Hubrecht had his camera along with him and managed to get the all-important shots required to try to identify this individual via the Ecocean Whale Shark Project.

Both left and right hand side shots have been processed, "mapped" and uploaded for scanning to this individual's page in the hope that we will find out if this shark has been encountered before, or if it will be confirmed as a previously unidentified individual.

Whale Shark at Sail Rock - 23rd June 2012Whale Shark at Sail Rock - 23rd June 2012