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Marco completes his PADI open water diving course.

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting with Marco and introducing him to the underwater world with an introduction to scuba diving at Mae Haad/Koh Ma beach.

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Ashley Hobbs and Laura Garber complete their PADI open water course

I would like to congratulate both Ashley Hobbs and Laura Garber who have just completed their PADI Open Water Diver across the past 5 days.

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Kevin and Sarah Discover Scuba Diving

I would just like to take the chance to congratulate both Kevin Maloway and Sarah Albaneses on a great day's diving at Sail Rock.

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HTMS Sattakut to be sunk off Koh Tao

HTMS Sattakut at berthHTMS Sattakut at berth

Well this is exciting news for all y

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Closed Circuit Re-Breather "try dive"

Last month I was lucky enough to take up the challenge of a "closed circuit re-breather" dive with Leo, a re-breather instructor who has been on the island for a few months.

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The view from the top of Khao Ra

Last month Tony Hillocks took a day off from diving and opted for some land-based exploration with a climb to the top of Khao Ra, which at 627m above sea level is Koh Phangan's highest peak.

The climb is not so challenging (I opted for climbing in flip flops as I have no trainers) and only took around an hour and a half.

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Koh Wao turns up a rare find

During a dive at Koh Wao - Angthong Marine Park on the 15th April 2011, Tony Hillocks and myself were very lucky to find a juvenile White Streaked Grouper (Epinephelus Ongus).

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Tony Hillocks finishes his PADI Advanced Open Water course...

Hello must excuse me for not blogging sooner but I have been so busy with work and there has just not been enough hours in the day! Now that’s out of the way I will continue ;o)

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Water Spout near Sail Rock, Koh Phangan

Congratulations to Russell Hopkins today as he completed his "deep dive" at Sail Rock and has attained his PADI Advanced Open Water certification... Well done mate and a great couple of dives to share with you...

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Stormy days do not affect the teaching team here!! PADI Enriched Air Diving course is currently running .

Well, a week of unusually bad weather has left the island in turmoil.
Regular power cuts, no fresh produce and eggs are worth the price of gold..!

On the upside, I can report that the Dive Inn has escaped the flooding, thanks to Jim and his drainage trench (dug in the pouring rain)..