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Sail Rock Trip.....

Finally, back to Sail Rock tomorrow. The weather's still not good, but there's Whale Sharks out there so who cares about a little rain...!!

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Waiting on the weather....

Since the weather is forecast to be a bit windy for a few more days, we'll just have to get on with the hundred other things that need doing!

I'm just trying to decided which marine life species to start work on next. Cardinalfish maybe, or will i finish off the Damselfish family first...?

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New website, open to all.....

Initial Launch Of The New Website

Although a few people may have noticed that the new website has actually been "live" for the past few days, it hadn't been announced as we needed to let the search engines and internet in general do their thing (too much technical stuff for me...)

Today, we are pleased to announce the site is open and invite everyone to take a look around and if possible, give us your feedback.

There are still some issues to be resolved, so please bare with us as we deal with these over the next few weeks.

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A new start for

As anyone that has come to the site before may have noticed by now, we have just had our website rebuilt, re-vamped and re-invigorated. We have now switched the website management over to the fantastic Drupal CMS which will allow us to expand and grow the website and its content.