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An amazing day at Sail Rock with Lars and Fili

As the weather returns to normal after windy weather over last weekend, Sail Rock is getting back to its fantastic best...

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Woody (Speilberg) Kennedy presents (drum roll...) "Black & White"

Woody's latest, and in my opinion, greatest video to date.

He's spent the past few days putting this together in black and white, which suits the stormy theme of much of the footage.

The music fits perfectly as well. Can it be we've finally found something he's actually good at....? :-)

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Calm weather on the way (hopefully)

Although the past few days have been a bit stormy, with the wind gaining in strength a little more today (Tuesday), it would seem that everything should calm down again in the next few days.

The sun's still shining, but it's a bit wavy out there, so hopefully know what they're talking about...

Here's the forecast for the next 7 days...

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Closed Circuit Re-Breather "try dive"

Last month I was lucky enough to take up the challenge of a "closed circuit re-breather" dive with Leo, a re-breather instructor who has been on the island for a few months.

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The view from the top of Khao Ra

Last month Tony Hillocks took a day off from diving and opted for some land-based exploration with a climb to the top of Khao Ra, which at 627m above sea level is Koh Phangan's highest peak.

The climb is not so challenging (I opted for climbing in flip flops as I have no trainers) and only took around an hour and a half.

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Today we had an excellent dive at Rock Point, just outside Chaloklum Bay

Today was a break from the ordinary in that a small group of friends decided to dive at a local dive site which is rarely visited, mainly due to very variable fluctuations in visibility and currents.

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Congratulations to Peter Cross on completion of his PADI Open Water Diver course

Peter checks his dive computer whilst Russell follows behind
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"Team Mason's Arms" dive Koh Tao!!

On 20th April 2011, the Shaun Meany, owner of The Mason's Arms English pub joined his nephews Mike and Max and also step-daughter Bow for a great day of diving at Koh Tao.

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As if the Mae Haad reef ecosystem wasn't under enough stress at the moment...!!

Following on from last year's mass coral bleaching (due to unusually high water temperatures) and the recent storm which caused extensive flooding across Thailand, it seems some people don't particularly care if Mae Haad/Koh Ma reef turns into a desol

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Koh Wao turns up a rare find

During a dive at Koh Wao - Angthong Marine Park on the 15th April 2011, Tony Hillocks and myself were very lucky to find a juvenile White Streaked Grouper (Epinephelus Ongus).