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The Goby count continues with another new find.....

Despite making a deliberate attempt to steer clear of the usual Goby haunts at Mae Haad, i stumbled upon some Goby pairs that appeared slightly unusual at the end of a mammoth 3 hour dive.

I was literally within 10m of the beach, and just about to remove my fins when i decide to take a closer look and get some photos.

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Shark attacks in Egypt? Divers in the Gulf of Thailand have a fish to be more fearful of..!!

Whilst the media whips up a frenzy over the recent spate of shark attacks in Egypt, unbeknown to most divers in the Gulf of Thailand, there lurks a fish with a far more sinister disposition.

This is a species which intentionally targets unwary divers, leaving no possibility of mistaken identity being used in its defence.

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Great News!! Angthong Marine Park is still in excellent condition...

Angthong National Marine Park appears to have survived the coral bleaching event that destroyed huge areas of coral reef systems throughout the world's tropical seas and oceans.

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Angthong Marine Park trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my first trip to Angthong Marine park this year. Conditions have been very good apparently so i'll be taking the camera for sure.

Hopefully i'll find some Banded Sea Kraits or maybe even a Turtle.

All shall be revealed tomorrow...

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Details of a Dragonfly's Amazing Muscleature...

I found this huge (in relative terms) Dragonfly on the wall of The Dive Inn and managed to get within a few CM's of it to get this macro shot of the amazing muscle structures that power its wings.

Click the image to go to the photo page.

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Whale Shark sighted at South-West Pinnacles....

We just received a message that a Whale Shark was seen at South-West Pinnacles, Koh Tao today (29th January 2011).

It's been a quiet couple of months regarding Whale Shark sightings in the area, but hopefully this is a sign if good things to come..

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The Yellow Boxfish Returns...!!!

Today i found my first juvenile Yellow Boxfish in many months at Sail Rock.

Click on the image to read about this and view the photo of one of nature's cutest/stranges little creatures...

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The Pha Ngan Royal Ship Arrives At Her Final Resting Place

Today was a fairly momentous day for the little island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand as it saw the arrival of the Pha Ngan Royal Ship.

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Finally, getting on to the Grouper family...

Well, after a few weeks without really having had time to add to the families/species within the Marine Life Gallery, i took the chance today since it's Full Moon day and no one is diving.

I've just finished the second species of Grouper (of 15 or so i'll have to work through!!) and it took me the best part of 8 hours...

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A nice little video clip from Sail Rock, Koh Phangan

Sail Rock has been particularly good all through January. There has been a huge increase in activity, possibly due to vast numbers of juvenile fish at the moment which is bringing in the predators such as Rainbow Runners, Talang Queenfish and Trevallies (not to forget the odd Marlin..!!).