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Community blog and recent blog authors at The Dive Inn.

Family Group

This field will show the family within which the species belongs. EG. the Teira Batfish will be shown as follows: Family - Batfish/Spadefish (Ephippidae) Genus - Batfish (Platax) Species - Teira

Common Name(s)

The name (or names) by which this species is commonly known. Common names vary greatly from one country (or even island) to the next and can therefore be very misleading. The primary name assigned here will be the one regarded as the most commonly used for this species, followed by possible alternative names for reference.

Scientific Names

The scientific name for a particular species is the one by which positive identification is almost assured. Ideally the species described here will be named by "genus" followed by "species" eg. Rhincodon Typus for the Whale Shark. For cases in which as an individual animal can be confidently assigned to a family or genus, but the species is uncertain, the scientif name will be shown as "Family/Genus Sp."

Dive Location(s)

Location(s) where this species is known to be present. Additional locations will be added as and when the species is identified elsewhere. In cases where a species is known to be common and wide-spread, this field may simply read "All Locations".

Category or Species

The most popular local "common" and scientific names for this species.


Photos and items relating to customers of the Dive Inn who are not engaged in diving courses eg. "fun divers".

Dive Staff

Photos or posts relating to members of staff.

Dive Students

Photos and other items relating diving students.

Non diving locations

Locations of photos, etc. not related to the Fish Identification section of the gallery.

Non Fish I.D. Related

Photos of people, places, facilities, etc.

Random People

Photos and items relating to random people who are not students, customers, etc.