Tag: Rock Point (Koh Phangan)

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Rock formations and soft corals at Rock Point (Koh Phangan)

Situated at the north-east corner of Chaloklum bay, Rock Point offers something a bit different.

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Rock Point (Koh Phangan)

An excellent local dive site which is under-dived mainly because it can be very unpredictable in terms of visibility and current.

When conditions are favourable however, it can provide a very interesting dive, featuring sheltered shallow areas to the south and west, whilst the north and east sides reach a depth of around 20m and are more exposed to currents.

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Ventral-Barred Shrimp Goby - Yellow/Brown Variation (Cryptocentrus sp.)

Another variation of the fairly common Ventral-Barred Shrimp Goby (Cryptocentrus sp.).