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Mother of Dragons..!!

Fern, owner of The Dive Inn on-board her new "baby", the Ocean Dragon after the Monk's blessing.

This is just about as far as Fern ever gets on her boat as she tends to get seasick just looking over the pier..!!

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Beneath the Dragon!!

View from beneath the Ocean Dragon as a group of divers prepare to board after diving at Chumphon Pinnacles.

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The Ocean Dragon receives the Monk's blessings

Soon after her arrival in Chaloklum, the Ocean Dragon received a traditional Buddhist Monk's blessing to ensure her good luck and safety.

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The Ocean Dragon arrives "home" for the first time!

the Ocean Dragon moored at Chaloklum pier for the first time in early May 2013 after completing her conversion into a fully operational dive boat.

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Back in the water for final modifications

The Ocean Dragon was moved from dry dock back into the water on completion of the hull, propeller and anti-fouling paintwork.

From here work continued on the remaining structural modifications above the waterline.

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Work begins on the main tank racks and benches

During her first major refit in April 2013, it was critical to get the tank racks and benches made to the correct height, width, tank spacing, etc.

The following year we added some extra racks towards the aft end of the boat, but fortunately the main racks turned out to be perfect.

The food counter in front of the captain's cabin was also being built in this photo.

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The Ocean Dragon undergoing her first major refit in 2013

Into dry dock for the first time in April 2013.

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The Ocean Dragon in a previous life!

The Ocean Dragon as we purchased her in April 2013. After serving her formative years as a fishing trawler in the Gulf of Thailand, at some point she was reincarnated as a tour boat.

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The Ocean Dragon!

Welcome to the Ocean Dragon, dive boat of The Dive Inn.