Tag: Aow Mao (Koh Tao)

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A great day at Koh Tao with Team Austria!!

A great day was had by all on our recent trip to Koh Tao with the team from Austria.

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Aow Mao Bay - Koh Tao

This photo shows the large rock formations at the South side of Aow Mao Bay, Koh Tao.

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Brad Sampson completes his PADI Open Water with ease...

Congratulations to Brad Sampson from Kelowna, Canada on successfully completing his PADI Open Water Diver course on 26th April 2011.

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Jenkins Whiptail Ray (Himantura Jenkinsii)

I came across this very large and equally uncommon ray during a very enjoyable dive at Aow Mao Bay, Koh Tao.

Although i can't be 100% certain, the most likely candidate is the Jenkins Whiptail Ray (Himantura Jenkinsii).

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Starry Pufferfish (Arothron Stellatus) & Golden Trevally juvenile (Gnathanodon Speciosus)

This Starry Pufferfish (Arothron Stellatus) displayed very uncharacteristic behaviour during a dive at Aow Mao, Koh Tao.